Meet NutraBird (Nutrition Bird)

SuperBird Betsy's healthy pal teaches youngsters about food and nutrition as they participate in super delicious stories that reinforce healthy food choices and good eating habits.
Gilda the Germ

Gilda wears a costume and other props to teach important health and hygiene topics while audiences participate through finger plays, stories and movement.
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New Programs

After School Programs

Ideal for ages 5-7
SuperBird Betsy presents interactive stories that feature music,
movement, makeup, costumes and props.

Ideal for ages 8-11
Activities feature creative expression focusing on movement, voice development,
pantomime and creative dramatic activities.

Character Education

SuperBird Betsy acts out various fables and fairytales that illustrate bullying, honesty, manners and respect. Role plays focusing on positive character traits reinforce learning.

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