Younger children (ages 3-6) participate in a storytelling adventure that includes Finger Plays, Creative Dramatics, Clowning, Face Painting and Music. Youngsters watch, transported, as Betsy becomes the main character of the story (see below). Choose from the story selections below or popular themes including Pirate, Princess, Cinderella, Fancy Nancy or Thomas the Train. A party atmosphere reigns as Betsy transforms into character, dispelling fear and bringing smiles to faces and joy to the hearts of younger partygoers.

Older children (ages 7-8) particularly enjoy Dramatic Games and Role Plays. Parties can be held in your home or at selected venues. Programs include age-appropriate small party favors for children ages 3–7.


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Children mimic the monkey by raising fingers in the air, vocalizing and stomping feet. Face-painting in vivid primary colors gets everyone into the spirit!


Where the Wild Things Are

Role playing is an important part of this story. Children will roar, gnash their teeth and roll their terrible eyes just like "WILD THINGS" do!


Frog and Toad Stories 



Children engage in the story by pantomiming various activities (on stage), or in front of their peers. Children will eat YUMMY cookies (real and pretend).



Springtime is wonderful for all children. They will learn the process of planting and have fun role-playing as flowers, vegetables and other growing things.


The 3 Little Pigs

Betsy uses a wolf mask, straw, sticks and real bricks to make the story come alive. Children will participate in various chants and discuss the moral.


The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Children enjoy making “trip-trap” sounds and creating body shapes in this enjoyable new fairy tale adaptation.


Brave Little Indian

Native American Indian artifacts including a buckskin suit and feather headdress (and Indian war paint) are used by Betsy in the bear hunt tale.  Children will enjoy rubbing sticks together and crushing berries from long ago.










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Story Themes

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