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School Programs

"Betsy has worked with almost 1,999 elementary school students and their teachers in widely diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. She has been acclaimed in each school setting and principals and teachers all request she return....  She is a captivating storyteller whose innovative approaches inspire children to learn and grow." 

- Jean Roth, Former Director Springboard to Learning

Holiday Stories

Christmas • Easter • Halloween • Hanukkah • Independence Day

St. Patrick’s Day • Valentine’s Day 

Teeny Tiny Lady (Halloween) • The Gingerbread Man (Christmas) • The Latke Man (Hanukkah)

Love Ruby Valentine (Valentine's Day) • Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato (St. Patrick's Day)

The Easter Bunny that Overslept (Easter) • Happy Birthday America (Independence Day)

Celebrate seasonal holidays through chants, songs and story participation featuring Betsy in

costume and makeup as a Gingerbread Man, Easter Bunny, Latke Man, Leprechaun or Witch.

Children participate using music, finger plays and interactive chants in the holiday stories.


Jewish Tales

Best Place for a Dime • The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch • Shabbot Stories

Stories reflect important Jewish values such as Zedakah, Kindness and Thoughtfulness.


"Betsy was very interactive with the children and had the children laughing from their bellies!" The children loved watching her put on the clown make-up and dressing into the silly outfits."

- Renee Kohn, Director United Hebrew Preschool

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